Associate Vendor's barcode with an internal item number (teach mode)

While using the “Teach Mode” with our barcode application, it is recommended to print a list of your inventory items as a barcode for easy input into the barcode scanner device (see step #7). The teach mode is intended to associate the vendor’s barcode with your internal inventory item number. Once uploaded to Microix Workflow Modules, the system will recognize the vendor’s barcode with your internal item number. This process is required before you can use the barcode for receiving, picking and/or physical inventory count.

Teach Mode:
1. Scan the vendor’s barcode into “Barcode” text box
2. Scan or enter your internal inventory item number. If you have an alphanumeric item code, it is more effective to print a barcode representation of your item codes via Microix Workflow Modules>Inventory>Item Label (see step #7) because it will be difficult to use the device keypad to enter the item number
3. Press the “ENT” key on the device to complete the transaction and repeat steps 1-3 for addition items
4. Scan or keyed entries cannot be correct after its inserted into the data grid. However, you can highlight the entry and use the delete button to remove and re-enter/scan
5. Use the save button to save your work when completed. Microix will save your entries in the sync folder “My Documents” with an example file name “SRD650-Teach Mode-42083.348206.csv” You may also use the "Send" function to upload the file directly to Microix. See the following article for details.
6. Upload the file to Microix inventory module.

Item Barcode Image:

7. Follow the steps below to print your inventory items as a barcode image.