How to process a blanket purchase order without using an Encumbrance

This article demonstrates how to process a blanket purchase order without using MIP’s Encumbrance Module. This process can also be done for creating blanket purchase orders for an unassigned vendor.

1. Requester - Create a standard requisition for a blanket purchase order of 50K (with or without an assigned vendor)

2. Approver – Approve blanket purchase order along with any attachments
3. Final Approver (Accounting Level 10) retains the blanket purchase order at level 10 until payments are processed
4. A/P staff received an invoice/receipt for $25K and initiates a payment by selecting the partial pay option from the menu bar

5. Enter a quantity or amount to be paid and click on “Create Document” button. After the A/P invoice is created, you may add additional transactions line for shipping or other charges. Assign the vendor and invoice number before approving and transferring to Abila Fund Accounting

6. Microix will maintain the balance of the blanket purchase order after each payment. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to apply additional payments. Microix will automatically close out the blanket purchase order after the final payment