Printing Narratives on Default Budget Worksheet Summary Report

Printing Narratives on Default Budget Worksheet Summary Report

When viewing the Budget Worksheet Summary report, you are presented with a checkbox “Show Report with Narratives.” After checking this box, the report itself will allow drill-down to narrative level as you can see in the following screenshot. When you try to print this report to screen, by default, it will not have those Narratives displayed. Below is the process to print the narratives to the printed version of the report.


1. Before you begin, you will need to select “Show Report with Narratives” and make sure you have some narratives on your budget worksheets.


2. After choosing “View” to display the report to screen, you will want to next click on “Print” to see the print preview page. On this page, you will note that the Narratives are not yet displayed.

3. In the top left of the preview screen, choose the following “customize” icon to display report customization options.

4. A “print options” window will open. On the options tab, check the box next to “Detail”. Then, choose the “Behavior” tab and check the box next to “All Details.” Click apply to preview the results.

5. The previewed report should display and print the narrative lines as seen below.