Timesheet Weighted Average Overtime Setup

Follow the steps below to setup Microix timesheet to compute overtime as a weighted average.

MIP Setup:

1. Create earning codes for each differential rate by using percent of pay or fixed hourly amount. Please note: the rate entered should be the differential amount and NOT the full rate of pay. Example, If employee earns $10/hr., and receives an additional 10% for working evening shift and 15% for night shift then follow the setup below for “Differential Pay based on % of hourly rate”

2. Create Overtime Earning Code with Calculation Method “Rate on Timesheet

Microix Setup

1. Create overtime rule for rate multiplier of .5. Once completed, navigate to Setup>Employee Default Values and associate the applicable employees to the weighted average OT code.

2. How to enter hours on timesheet for both worked hours and differential hours. Important! When entering hours on the timesheet, user must enter the total hours worked under the regular earning code. Next, they will enter the total differential hours worked for each differential pay code. In the example below, the employee worked a total of 8 hours on Tuesday, 5 of those hours were completed in the evening shift.

Creation date: 4/23/2018 2:49 PM     Updated: 4/23/2018 2:51 PM