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Fund Source Fiscal Year Period

Utilize this form to add any funding sources that are on a different fiscal year as your current organization fiscal year. This information is only used by the Requisition Module. Any documents utilizing the accounts on this form will retrieve the available funds data based on the begin and end date for the funding source.

  1. Import Budget Controls
    1. Import from MIP Budget Control – Microix will use the budget controls setup in MIP Fund Accounting
    2. Import from a Specific Segment – Use this option to manually setup the budget controls
  2. Segment – if using option 1b, select the segment used to trigger the checking of budget using a different fiscal period
  3. Click process and if 1b was selected, Microix will import all account related to the Segment identified in step #2
  4. Using the X button, remove any account that follow your organization fiscal year
  5. Edit the data in the grid and enter the correct FY Begin and End Date. Use sub segment/account if a combination of two segments will determine a different fiscal period
  6. Use the search replace option to maintain the fiscal period each year

Creation date: 11/22/2020 11:00 PM (Rickie)      Updated: 11/22/2020 11:02 PM (Rickie)
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