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How to Install 2021

    1. This file only contains the Server setup and will not be installed  and shown in the Add/Remove programs of Windows. Its purpose is to create the Microix SQL Account, Create Microix Share Directory and the download remaining installation files needed for workstation insulation,  Script a new database or upgrade an existing database.
    2. This new process will insure anyone running  the srvsetup.exe will always download the most recent version of Microix
    3. Always run srvsetup.exe as an administrator
    4. Microix Share will always be installed on the C drive and administrators can move to a different drive later.

I. How To Download the Software

Step 1: Download the Setup Files for 2021 from our ftp site (please contact Microix Support to obtain the setup files).

Rename the existing Microix Share folder to Microix Share_OLD

Step 2: Run the srvsetup.exe on your SQL server.

Step 3: At the end of the installation process, you will be prompted to enter the Server Configuration information.
a. Select the MIP SQL Server Name from the drop-down list. If it is not in the list, you can enter it manually.
b. Enter your SQL login information (click on the check box "Use Windows Authentication" if you do not know the SQL login information).
c. Select the Sage MIP Database name.
d. Click on the Save button to finalize the connection between Microix and MIP's database.

II. Microix Share Folder
After the Microix Server Component is successfully installed, a new Microix Share directory will be created on the root of your "C" or "D" drive. It includes the setup files for the user workstation installation and some additional folders that are used during upgrades.

The Microix Share Folder will be shared automatically during the server installation and is given default read/write permissions to the user "Everyone". There are times when the installation process fails to perform this task due to security issues. Follow the instructions below to manually share this folder and grant the required permissions to access the folder. The Microix Share Folder can be relocated to another drive by simply copying the entire folder and pasting it to a new location. The directory should be made available to every workstation with read/write privileges.

III. How to Manually Share the "Microix" Folder

Step 1: Click Start>All Programs>Accessories, and then click Windows Explorer.

Step 2: Expand My Computer, and then click the drive or folder where the Microix Share Folder is located.

Step 3: Right-click on the folder, and then click Sharing and Security.

Step 4: Click Share this folder and enter the shared name as "Microix Share".

IV. How to Manually Configure Shared Permissions

Step 1: On the Sharing tab, click Permissions and then click Add.

Step 2: Select the group account Everyone or Domain Users and grant read/write privileges.

Step 3
: Click OK to complete the process.

V. How To Install Microix on User Workstations Browse to Microix Share Folder from user workstation (
\\YourSQLServerName\Microix Share\Setup\) and run wssetup.exe and follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: If the employee does not have local admin permissions you will run into permission issues. Please make sure the employee has local admin rights before you proceed with the Microix installation.

To install user workstation on all machines and you do not want to enable local admin rights for employees then it is advised to deploy this upgrade to each workstation using Group Policy along with the MSI installer. Please see the link below.

Deploy microix .msi file through GPO 

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