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How to use Microix Web Timeclock to clock IN/Out from mobile device with location tracking

  • Currently use Microix Time Clock Devices and are managing the clocks using our Web Time Clock Manager (Microixcloud.com)
  • Microix Workflow Modules 2021.001.5 or higher
  • Microix Timesheet Module
  • Request a company ID from Microix Support (support@microix.net)

  • Using an iPhone or Android device, open a browser and navigate to https://www.microixcloud.com/tc/
  • You will be prompted to allow location tracking. Select “Allow” if your organization require location tracking
  • Follow instructions below to record your time
    • Company ID – value provided by microix support and are same for all users
    • Badge ID – enter your assigned Badge ID by Payroll/HR department
    • Location – if location tracking is turned on, it will populate your location address automatically. If you choose not to enable location tracking, enter a location value
    • Press Submit when completed

  • How to create an icon on home screen for easy access to the application - locate the ellipse button on your browser and select option to “Add to Phone Home Screen”. This process will add an icon on your home page for easy access going forward (see image with steps 1-4)

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